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About Computomics

Your trusted partner for reaching your goals.

Listening to Your Needs. Earning Your Trust.

In 2012, field-defining experts in machine learning, plant research and bioinformatics founded Computomics as a spin-off from Max Planck Institute for Biology and the University of Tübingen. The idea from the start: Utilizing cutting-edge bioinformatics tools to deliver highly accurate, customized service projects to companies across the globe.

Today, with the experience of more than 190 successfully completed projects for customers in 18 countries, Computomics helps navigate the complexities of all genomes. Our advanced machine learning methods enable rapid understanding of genomic data for agricultural, biotech, microbiome, and metabolomics researchers.

We provide our clients with thorough consultation on their sequencing projects, with in-depth analysis of their genomic data and with comprehensive reports.

What we offer is a full-service-partnership from the first experiment design to the integration of the results into your own system.

Trust is the key to any long-standing cooperation and partnership. Therefore we guarantee data security with data processing in our own data center located in Germany.

Why Work with Computomics?

High Quality Results

Each project is well documented to ensure reproducibility and accuracy.

Transparent Processes

There are no mysteries to our data analysis. We present our strategy before we start and report all methods and parameters used.

Multi-Platform Support

We work with our clients to develop the best sequencing strategy across multiple platforms, including Illumina, ONP, and PacBio.

Data Security Guaranteed

Our high performance computing servers located in a secure data center combined with encryption and two-factor authentication provide highly secure and private handling of your data.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Between our in-house bioinformatics experts and extensive collaboration network of consultants, we can tackle tough questions across all data analysis challenges.

Fast Turnaround Time

Tired of the wait list at your sequencing facility? We deliver great results quickly.

Our Team

Dr. Sebastian J. Schultheiss

Managing Director

Yehuda Olshansky


Ina Gerber

Business Administration Manager

Christian Dreischer

Scientific Project Manager

Dr. Christoph Malisi

Software Development Manager

Ajaykumar Patel

Software Developer

Dr. Christian Kubica

Bioinformatics Scientist

Dr. István Dékány

Machine Learning Scientist

Dr. Jörg Hagmann

Product Manager Pantograph

Dr. Juan Manuel Montes

Senior Plant Breeding Expert

Dr. Rupashree Dass

Research Manager

Federico Casale

Breeding Machine Learning Analyst

Friederike Lüdtke

Software Developer

Josie Bretz

Bioinformatics Analyst

Julian Flesch

Software Developer

Michelle Hagen

Bioinformatics Analyst

Nicolás Riveras Muñoz

Breeding Informatics Analyst

Patrizia Ricca

Product Manager xSeedScore

Polina Riesling

Human Resources & Culture Manager

Sascha Patz

Product Manager Metagenomics

Simone Betz

Marketing Manager

Susanne Breckenridge


Susanne Jodoin

Data Scientist

Timo Maier

Software Developer

Uta Nickels

Digital Marketing Manager

Vesna Tabakovic

Agricultural Advisor

Yoni Roter

Agricultural Advisor

Randall F. Barker

Strategic Advisory Board Chair

Prof. Dr. Daniel Huson

Scientific Advisory Board Member. University of Tübingen, Germany and SCELSE, Singapore

Prof. Dr. Gunnar Rätsch

Scientific Advisory Board Member. Professor, Zurich, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Karsten Borgwardt

Scientific Advisory Board Member. Professor, Basel, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Detlef Weigel

Scientific Advisory Board Member. Max Planck Institute for Biology, Tuebingen, Germany



Stuttgart, Germany


Stuttgart, Germany

Donau Soja Organisation

Vienna, Austria

nanodiag BW

Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

A Green Commitment

Computomics is committed to a journey towards a sustainable future. Our greatest asset is our unique plant breeding technology that supports plant breeders answer some of global agriculture’s most pressing problems. xSeedScore enables breeders to develop crop varieties for specific climates and changing environments. Simply put, it's the machine learning technology behind all future crops.  

As a company, we are on a carbon-neutral journey. The Greenhouse Gas tool of the European Innovation Council gives us a science-based understanding of our carbon footprint and helps us find mitigation measures and solutions that work best for our business. We are happy to announce this milestone: "CO2 Footprint".

Join us in our journey to a greener future!