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Computomics is giving an oral presentation at the International Genome Graph Symposium 2022

Computomics at Genome Graph Symposium

Computomics will give a talk at the International Genome Graph Symposium in Ascona on 3-7 July, 2022.

The International Genome Graph Symposium focuses on the advances of genome graphs and their applications in the biomedical field. The conference will offer various scientific sessions, ranging from genome graph representations and graphs as reference systems over genome graph algorithms and pipelines to quantitative methods on graphs and downstream applications.

On Thursday 7 July 2022, Dr. Jörg Hagmann will give an oral presentation on the topic of Pantograph, an interactive pangenome graph visualization tool.


Session 8 - Downstream applications and genomic privacy
Title: Pantograph, an interactive pangenome graph visualization tool
When: Thursday 7 July 2022, 09:45 AM - 10:05 AM


The high throughput and affordable cost of current DNA sequencing methods will in future promote the use of genome graphs rather than single references for comparative analyses as well as improved variant calling and genotyping. Major recent algorithmic advances now enable the feasible generation of graphs from large genomes and evokes an increasing need to explore their contained variation as well as to use genome graphs in downstream applications. We present our tool Pantograph that visualizes pangenome graphs, and we will outline the current feasibility to use the same graphs for genotyping short read sequencing data to better access structural variation.
Pantograph is an interactive browser of variation graphs capable of visualizing the entirety of genetic variation in multiple zoom levels from single nucleotide level to whole chromosome views. It scales independently of genome or graph size. The display of arbitrary meta data like phenotypes, pedigree, or disease status alongside the sequences helps to link genetic variation to phenotypic traits and to inspect QTL regions. The functional impact of variants can be assessed by the simultaneous display of multiple genome annotations.
The main benefits of visually exploring and using pangenome graphs for genotyping are accessing and exploring non-reference sequence as well as complex variation between genomes, which helps breeders and researchers further understand and improve their genetic material.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with us in person! Jörg Hagmann will be onsite for the full symposium to discuss your pangenome challenges. Get to know how to intuitively inspect large-scale variation between complete genomes in whole chromosome views, or dive deep to single nucleotide level variation. Pantograph lets you visualize and compare gene annotations from multiple genomes altogether.

In case of questions regarding pangenomes or the features and applications of Pantograph please feel free to contact Jörg directly.

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