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Meet Computomics at FRUIT LOGISTICA 7.-9. February 2024 in Berlin, Germany

Computomics at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2024

FRUIT LOGISTICA is the world's most important trade fair for the fresh produce industry and its direct access to the global market. At FRUIT LOGISTICA you can find the complete range of products, services and technical solutions from every part of the value chain - whether in seed, fruit and vegetable development or packaging and automation. The fair covers the entire spectrum of the value chain - from the producer to the consumer.

Computomics is committed to a journey towards smart, sustainable agriculture, with the seed as the starting point. Our unique plant breeding technology supports breeders to answer some of global agriculture’s most pressing problems – increasing the variety, quality, resilience and adaptability of future crops. We are working together with breeders and growers across all crops and breeding programs to develop new crop varieties by applying our machine learning-based technology ⨉SeedScore® to predict performance.

We are here to help breeders navigate complex challenges with unique insights and clear direction for fast, adaptive breeding solutions. Our technology is an invaluable asset for breeders looking to expand their programs to new locations or adapt to changing climates as it can predict the performance of plant genetics in various environments. It helps identify which genetics will thrive in a particular region, ensuring that breeders can make informed decisions.

Meet Vesna and learn how Computomics can help you grow your breeding program. Reach out at

Vesna Tabakovic,
Agricultural Advisor

All details of the congress can be found here.

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