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Meet Computomics at The Innovation Forum - The Future Of Food

Computomics at The Future of Food Conference

Computomics is excited to participate in the Future of Food Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 3-4 May, 2023!

The Innovation Forum - Future of Food conference will highlight the practical steps key actors can take to build more sustainable, resilient and regenerative food systems. It brings together leading brands with the right stakeholders to identify the main areas of opportunity and innovation within the food and beverage industry. Topics discussed at the conference are climate actions, regenerative agriculture, supply chain risk and resilience, and farming, land-use and nature.

Computomics is a highly innovative bioinformatics company, working together with breeders and growers across all crops and breeding programs to develop new crop varieties to secure supply chain continuity, food security and biodiversity. To secure the food quantity and quality by healthy plants that are adapted to the changing climate and upcoming harsh environmental conditions, plant breeders have to use the full potential of the available genetic plant material, identify new useful traits and to speed up their breeding program. Computomics' machine learning-based technology xSeedScore® supports traditional plant breeding methods and integrates additional variables such as information on the genotype, the cultivation environment and climatic conditions to identify the best-performing plants for any specific location.  

Using xSeedScore allows for the selection of new crop varieties that grow in a changing climate. It accelerates time-to-market for supply chain continuity and food security and identifies the best crops for any environment.

Connect and meet Irina at this conference to learn more about Computomics' technology!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Details of the conference program can be found here.

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