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Meet Computomics at the Emerald Conference 1-3 March, 2023

Computomics is excited to be presenting a poster at The Emerald Conference in San Diego

The Cannabis landscape and market is evolving rapidly. As legislation is being changed and regulatory hurdles are removed, the interest in medicinal cannabis is increasingly leading to new demands.

This uptake in medicinal cannabis leads to facilitating the need to develop varieties that provide supply chain continuity with reproducible crops each cycle. Developing new cannabis varieties with optimized traits that can be adapted to growing conditions will create sustainable growth and stability for the cannabis industry.

Exploring the full spectrum of genetic variation in Cannabis with Pantograph

At the conference, we are proud to present Pantograph, our interactive browser of pangenome graphs. Exploring the pangenome, the entire genetic variation between multiple whole genome DNA sequences, facilitates the inspection of large-scale, complex, and non-reference variation as well as links between genetics and traits. This visual exploration is particularly helpful for complex genomes such as the Cannabis genome.

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About Jörg Hagmann

After completing his PhD in bioinformatics in 2015, Jörg Hagmann continued working in this field and gained profound expertise in analyzing various kinds of genomic sequencing data. As the developer and Product Manager of Computomics’ interactive pangenome browser Pantograph, he leverages the genomic information from multiple individuals - a pangenome -, reveals complex genetic variation and links it to traits. Joerg utilizes genomic data to improve plant breeding and to help answer scientific questions primarily in crop genetics.

The Emerald Conference featuring Jörg Hagmann

We are looking forward to meeting you!

More about the Emerald Conference: All details of the congress can be found here.

More about Pantograph: Watch the video for a short demo of the tool or contact Jörg directly.

Did you know that Computomics is a member of the German-Canadian network CANNABIS-NET? CANNABIS-NET is a unique association of German companies lead by University of Hohenheim that meet the challenges of the medicinal cannabis market with their products and services in an innovative way. Listen to our podcast with Simone Graef-Hoenninger to learn more.

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