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Computomics ist attending the virtual VAAM Annual Conference 2022

Computomics is participating at the virtual VAAM Annual Congress 2022.

Metagenomics has become an active field of research in many different industries and the analysis of microbial diversity has become more important. However, there are a number of computational challenges such as data storage and processing. Successful data management and analysis are key to harness the full power of metagenomics and to gain useful insights. To bridge this gap Computomics is providing powerful metagenomics data analysis solutions that researchers can easily run on their own without technical hurdles or specialized programming skills.

Computomics' Metagenomics Solutions will help you simultaneously identify species, genes and biochemical pathways, extracting relevant genomic data that represents thousands of species and millions of genes.

Reach out to us during the VAAM congress to get know to more or directly contact us.

All details of the conference and registration can be found here.

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