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Meet Computomics at ASTA 6-9 December 2021 in Chicago

Computomics is excited to be visiting ASTA CSS & Seed Expo from 6-9 December in Chicago, USA!

Applying Computomics' machine learning technology SeedScore® to your breeding program can help move your program way beyond current limitations. Significantly accelerate your breeding program, reduce time to market by 3-6 years, increase the probability of success by identifying up to 10x more candidates to escalate into the commercial pipeline, and predict best performers, both for today and future climates.

Are you interested how you can apply Computomics' machine learning technology to your breeding program? Take this opportunity to connect with us at ASTA! We are looking forward to meeting you!

You can already schedule your 1:1 appointment with us today! Just reach out to Ruth at

All details of the congress can be found here.

For more information about our technology listen to our latest Webinar on "Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning for a Breeding Program" or reach out to us directly.

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