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Computomics at miCROPe 15-18 July 2024 in Vienna, Austria

Computomics at miCROPe Symposium, 15-18 July in Vienna, Austria

miCROPe 2024 "Microbe-assisted crop production – opportunities, challenges and needs" is a biennal symposium and will address key issues related to the application of microbial products in crop production and encompass aspects ranging from basic understanding to commercial application. The aim is to link basic understanding with challenges encountered in application and to bring in novel trends how to explore and make use of microbiomes for plant production. Scientific sessions will address different functions of microorganisms in crop production, ranging from biocontrol to nutrition and stress resilience.

Computomics provides Metagenomics Data Analysis Solutions for bacterial, archaeal, fungal and viral community profiling that enable you to simultaneously identify thousand of species, millions of genes, and diverse biochemical pathways relevant to agriculture, medicine, and the environment. Our metagenomics web platform MORPHEUS is a versatile remote metagenomics sensoring and analysis platform. MORPHEUS applies machine learning-driven feature importance analysis, speeding up agricultural management decisions to help you achieve sustainability goals and enhance climate-friendly solutions. We deliver comprehensive, actionable metagenomics insights: From experimental design to data collection, sequencing, analysis, to a written results report - we support you through all stages of your research project.


Sascha Patz is giving a presentation in the session “Data sciences and microbiome-based precision approaches”

Session Details:

Date: 18 July 2024 at 12:35PM - 12:50PM
Session 11: Data sciences and microbiome-based precision approaches
: Tweaking Plant Breeding through Microbial Plant Growth-Promoting Pathway Maps

In a showcase we present how our plant breeding technology xSeedScore considers microbial PGPT maps, generated with our metagenomics web platform MORPHEUS, to predict microbiome-associated phenotypes with highest accuracy using a GEMMf-Model (Genotype x Environment x Management x Microbiome+Functions).

To learn more about our solutions attend Sascha's presentation or arrange a personalized one-on-one meeting to explore further. To schedule your individual meeting, please contact Sascha at or Vesna at

Sascha Patz
Product Mgr Metagenomics

Vesna Tabakovic
Agricultural Advisor


Discover our innovative solutions by visiting Sascha and Vesna at our booth located at Foyer Spitzhof in front of the main entrance.

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