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Plant Breeding Infographic: From Trait Complexity to Big Data

What does it take to create crops for the future?

Discover how traditional breeding and science converge to revolutionize agriculture. See how data from various sources is used to uncover genetic patterns, guiding breeders in selecting superior plants. Whether you are already familiar with plant breeding, or simply interested in sustainable agriculture - enjoy exploring our infographic!



Curious to find out more? Read about each topic in our "Breed, Sow, Grow" - Adventures in Plant Breeding" blogposts:
S1E1 - Breeding Brilliance: Unveiling the Crop Superheroes
S1E2 - Genius Genes: Unlocking Genetic Diversity
S1E3 - Phenomenal Phenotyping: The Science of Collecting Data
S1E4 - Genotyping Galore: Crafting Crops From Genetic Blueprints
S1E5 - Data Drama: Breeding's Behind-the-Scenes


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