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MEGAN6 UE Tutorial Part II available!

The second MEGAN6 UE Tutorial is out now!

MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition (UE) is the world’s first and only software that allows interactive metagenomics data analysis. Our recent tutorial is available on YouTube now!

Watch the second MEGAN6 UE Tutorial here

Presenter: Dr. Oliver Deusch, Scientific Product Manager

• Presentation: Recent updates to MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition
• Live demonstration: Data Visualization + Automating Workflows with MEGAN Scripts
• Interactive Q&A session

In case you missed the first MEGAN6 UE Tutorial, watch it here

In this first tutorial, we covered command line-based preprocessing steps and Interactive KEGG analysis in MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition

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Get an overview of all MEGAN6 UE features here

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