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Pantograph Named SeedWorld Top Innovative Product of 2023

Our Interactive Pangenome Browser Named Top Innovative Product 2023

In November 2023, Seed World U.S. put out their third annual call for the most innovative new products of the year. Nominations spanned a wide breadth of technologies and showcased the varied and creative innovation shaping the seed industry today.

Pantograph was named one of the 10 winners. We’re delighted our innovative pangenome browser was recognized by SeedWorld U.S!

To be considered for the list, products had to directly relate to and directly impact the seed industry, be unique, and have been launched during the 2023 calendar year. From there, our Seed World U.S. editorial team and editorial board judged applications based on the product’s market potential; its return investment and benefit to the grower / seed value chain; the impacts the product makes to society as a whole; whether the product solves a problem or meets a need in a new, creative, innovative way; and the scalability of the product.


From the SeedWorld article:

Pantograph by Computomics GmbH

Pangenome datasets haven’t been interactively visualized, until now. Computomics‘ Pantograph technology is the first visual browser showing every kind of variation in a region, allowing the pinpointing of genetic changes associated with a trait. Users intuitively inspect large-scale variation between complete genomes up to whole chromosome views, or dive deep to single nucleotide level variation. Pantograph shows meta data such as phenotype information alongside the genomes, allowing the sorting of genomes by meta data or by genetic variants. The technology allows breeders to interactively explore the genetic impact on traits without requiring computational skills, transforming the way crop genomes can be investigated and understood.

“Working with pangenomes allows the seed industry to capture the full genetic diversity of crops,” says Computomics’ CEO and managing director, Sebastian J. Schultheiss. “Seeing this diversity visualized paves the way for ground-breaking discoveries like finding causal genes for hard-to-detect traits that are important for disease resistances or yield gain.”

“By integrating public and proprietary data into one dashboard, pangenomes can be explored similarly to ‘Google Maps’. This visual exploration delivers better markers and better gene editing targets than any other technology.”

The SeedWorld U.S. article was published on 10 January, 2024. Read the full article



Find out more about Pantograph here - or get in touch with Jörg Hagmann directly!


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