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Podcast Season 3 Episode 10: Surf the Wave of Data

Surf the Wave of Data


Anthony Hall is giving comprehensive insights into the Earlham Institute, the research projects he is working on and why it is important to surf the wave of data. Learn how technology helps in integrating all data – genomic, phenotypic and environmental data - and which role AI plays. Generating data, analyzing it and making it reusable is key to Anthony. Get insights into projects on circadian regulations of the transcriptome in polyploid crops, introgression breeding in wheat and GWAS on heat tolerance in wheat in collaboration with CIMMYT.

Anthony is the head of Plant Genomics at Earlham Institute. He moved from the University of Liverpool where he held the Holbrook Gaskell Chair of Botany at the University of Liverpool. He was research lead for the Institute of Integrative Biology. Was director at the Centre for Genomic Research (CGR) and academic lead of the Liverpool GeneMill (£3.8M investment). He received his PhD from the University of Leicester in 1997 from the Botany Department and has worked as an Arabidopsis molecular geneticist for 18 years, focusing on the field of plant circadian biology.

If you want to learn more about the latest research projects you can reach out to Anthony here.

Links to papers and preprints mentioned in episode:

Circadian regulation of the transcriptome in a complex polyploid crop

Whole genome sequencing uncovers the structural and transcriptomic landscape of hexaploid wheat/Am. muticum introgression lines

Exotic alleles contribute to heat tolerance in wheat under field conditions.

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