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Podcast Season 3 Episode 4: Insights into the Wheat Initiative and what role "Spätzle" played

Insights into the Wheat Initiative and what role "Spätzle" played


Get to know Dr. Alisa-Noemi Sieber and gain insights into the Wheat Initiative in this episode of the Computomics podcast. What is the idea behind the Wheat Initiative, who is part of it and what are first results? Additionally, learn what a pre-breeders work is and what role the Swabian specialty "Spätzle" played in the work life of Alisa. Last but not least understand what role plant breeding plays to support the UN Sustainability Goals (SDG). 

Dr. Alisa-Noemi Sieber is Plant breeder by education, organizational talent by heart. In other words, Alisa (they/them) are a multi-disciplinary project manager with a proven track record in different fields. With their skills, they have delivered creative and engaging solutions across projects & facilitations in the public and private sector. Colleagues describe them as open-minded, solution-oriented, and proactive. They are enthusiastic about bringing together different perspectives in order to create projects that change the future.

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