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Podcast Season 3 Episode 9: Forward Fooding and the Future of AgriFoodTech

Forward Fooding and the Future of AgriFoodTech



In this episode, Alessio D’Antino, the founder of Forward Fooding tells us about the start of the platform – from the very beginning of the idea to how it developed. Why is it important to connect all the players in the food and beverage ecosystem? How can we contribute positively to a system that leverages new technologies and makes it more efficient? What is the methodology behind the FoodTech 500 (FT500) - the fortune 500 of AgriFoodTech? Why is sustainability such an important criteria for FT500? On top of this, receive insights into the trends and future of AgriTech. Alternative proteins, AI and microbiome are just a few examples. What are future game changers and what are challenges startups are facing?

Alessio is the founder and CEO of Forward Fooding, the world’s first collaborative platform for the food & beverage industry fostering innovation via FoodTech Data Intelligence and corporate-startup collaboration. He started his marketing career at a multinational beverage company before deciding to join a San Francisco-based startup accelerator to lead their marketing and business development efforts. Alessio is an avid startup aficionado and ecosystem builder determined to create the largest community of food and foodtech innovators in the world. He now works with F&B companies of all sizes to support them with their endeavors of understanding how entrepreneurship, collaboration, and investment models can be used to create a more sustainable future of food. A global citizen at heart, he has lived and worked in Italy, South Korea, Australia, UK, US, and Spain where he is currently based.

Find out more about the FoodTech 500 here.

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