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Podcast Season 4 Episode 11: Diving into the world of barley

Diving into the world of barley


In this episode Brent Atthill, managing director of RMI Analytics GmbH delves into the fascinating world of barley. Explore the entire supply chain, uncovering the challenges and emerging trends within the industry. Brent provides valuable insights into why having the best quality barley is crucial for the malting process in the brewing industry and gain a better understanding of the role of technology and data in this sector. With his dedication to fostering exchange and sharing best practices, Brent takes the lead in engaging with all stakeholders in the barley network, ensuring a collaborative and thriving industry.

Brent Atthil is an accomplished global professional with over 25 years experience in the grain, malting, and brewing industries, with a proven track record in strategic procurement, team leadership, and business integration. In his current position as principal owner, board member, and managing director for RMI Analytics GmbH, he focuses on driving RMI’s content delivery through their Journal publication, webinars, and global Insights Tours. He is a leader in the development of extensive supply chain strategies designed to deliver continuous, real business value through optimization and a constant challenge to the status quo. Brent is absolutely passionate about agriculture and sustainability!

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