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Podcast Season 4 Episode 7: Why Pollination Bags and NAPB are closely linked

Why Pollination Bags and NAPB are closely linked


Hannah Senior is CEO of PBS International, President of NAPB (National Association of Plant Breeders) and a podcast creator. In this episode you will get a glimpse into Hannah’s broad experience. Learn about the process of developing new solutions within PBS International for plant breeding. On top of that, Hannah shares her story on how she became the first president of the NAPB from outside North America. During her period as president of the NAPB Hannah is focusing on 3 themes: Putting more structure into the organization, fostering exchange with other international plant breeding organizations and communication and advocacy. Last but not least get to know what made her become a podcast creator and host of the Plant Breeding Stories podcast.
Hannah Senior grew up in a farming community but followed a career into corporate life working with multinational companies, including 5 years with Tesco.  She completed an MBA at Stanford University before returning to the UK and agriculture when she acquired PBS International, a company which makes specialist pollination control products for plant breeders and seed producers around the globe.
Hannah’s business career brought her into plant breeding but her contribution to this discipline goes further than PBS International.  She has championed communication about plant breeding and highlighting the diversity of perspectives through activities like the podcast series she created called Plant Breeding Stories, and as President of the National Association of Plant Breeders (NAPB).  
Hannah’s interest in plant breeding sits alongside her interest in AgriTech entrepreneurship more generally.  She holds Board and advisory positions with several AgriTech companies including Crop Health and Protection, the UK’s government-backed Agritech centre for Crops.
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Book recommendation: Braiding Sweetgrass from Robin Wall Kimmerer

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