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Podcast Season 4 Episode 8: URUPOV, SAA and the South American Seed Market

URUPOV, SAA and the South American Seed Market


In this episode Diego Risso, Executive Director of URUPOV (Uruguayan Plant Breeders Association) and Secretary General of the SAA (Seed Association of the Americas), gives insights into the activities of both organizations. What are the major assets, what are the goals and challenges? Diego talks about the UPOV91 framework, intellectual property rights, plant breeders rights and much more. Which role does technology play for the seed industry? Which technology will be relevant in 2023 for agriculture and the seed industry and has the most impact? Get a recap of the SAA Congress 2022, a short outlook to the congress in 2024 and the importance of gene editing in South America.

Diego Risso received his degree in Agronomy in 1997. In 2001 he completed a postgraduate degree in Marketing, and in 2013 a postgraduate in seed technology. He has been the Executive Director of URUPOV since 2002 and is responsible for developing royalties’ collection systems and enforcing plant breeder’s rights in Uruguay. In 2005 he took the position of Executive Director of the National Seed Institute (INASE-Uruguay) and returned to URUPOV in 2006. Diego is also the Secretary General of the Seed Association of the Americas (SAA), with headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is responsible for assisting the 4 working groups in SAA (Biotech, Phytosanitary, Seed treatment, IP). Diego organizes congresses and workshops where seed industry and government representatives gather to address common agenda items to agree on a joint work plan.

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