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Podcast S5E10: Why European Soybean Benefits People and the Environment

Why European Soybean Benefits People and the Environment


In this episode, Matthias Krön, President of the Donau Soja association, delves into the inception of Donau Soja, its mission, and its pivotal role in European soy production. Discover the intricacies of protein production and consumption in Europe, and the potential for transitioning from imported soy to European soy to substantially reduce CO2 emissions. Gain insights into how our agricultural system has inadvertently fostered a culture of overconsumption.


Donau Soja



Matthias Krön was born in Salzburg in 1969. He studied Chinese studies, philosophy and history in Vienna and Taipei. Subsequently he spent one year at the Leo Baeck Institute in New York. After his return to Austria in 1995 he started working in the dairy sector for milk variants based on soy, rice and oats in Austria. Krön acted as CEO and partner of the Mona Group, stepping down as CEO in fall 2011 to concentrate on the soy associations. The Austrian soya association was founded in 2008 as an initiative of the Austrian soy businesses. In spring 2012 the International Danube Soya association was established. Krön now serves as President of the Donau Soja association and advocates a sustainable and regional protein supply in Europe.



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