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Podcast Season 5 Episode 3: Practical Farm Research: Helping farmers succeed

Practical Farm Research: Helping farmers succeed




In this episode, we talk to Jim Schwartz, Director of Research, Agronomy and PFR and Jason Gahimer, PFR Manager, both working for Beck’s Hybrids on the Practical Farm Research (PFR) program. Learn what the PFR program is, why it is important, and how farmers can get involved. Dive into the origins of the Practical Farm Research (PFR) program, tracing its roots back to 1964 when Sonny Beck started this unbiased research program to help farmers succeed by providing them with reliable information on agronomic practices, equipment, and other inputs.
Jason Gahimer, PFR Manager at Beck’s Hybrids grew up on a small family farm in Milroy, IN. He attended Ball State University and graduated with a degree in Computer Technology. Jason has been with Beck‘s for over 12 years and served in many different roles within the Practical Farm Research department.

Jim Schwartz, Director of Research, Agronomy, and PFR at Beck’s grew up in Southern Indiana and went to Purdue University. His career in the seed business for 38 years has included a 17 year stint with Monsanto. Jim‘s last role there was as the U.S. agronomy lead for the regional brands. He was also a partner and co-owner in a seed company called Icorn that he eventually sold to Monsanto. Jim has been at Beck's for 6 1/2 years.

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