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Precision Barley Breeding - Webinar Replay and Slides

Replay and Slides for the SeedWorld Webinar available

If you missed the webinar on 12 September, listen to the replay and download the slides now!

Climate change is strongly impacting the cultivation of malting barley. Breeders face the critical task of developing resilient and highest quality malting barley varieties while upholding sustainable practices and building robust supply chains. The brewing industry demands nothing but the best barley for the malting process, with a stable profile, consistent quality, and reliable characteristics.

In this context, advanced technology becomes indispensable in meeting the ambitious requirements of various stakeholders, including sustainability goals, supply chain continuity, and the brewing industry's quality standards.
Computomics’ machine learning technology xSeedScore® helps to develop novel cultivars with specific trait combinations that are of high value in the malting process. By leveraging environmental data, xSeedScore® identifies best performing crosses based on current and future environmental conditions.

What You Will Learn:

  • Cultivation of high-quality malting barley varieties adhering to sustainability and supply chain continuity goals
  • How machine learning deciphers how interactions between genetics and environments result in a trait's manifestation with pattern recognition
  • Benefits and results of using machine learning in plant breeding



Webinar Title: Precision Barley Breeding for Sustainable, High-Quality Varieties

Replay and Slides:
You can access the replay here and download the slides here


Patrizia Ricca
Product Manager at Computomics

Austin Case
Sr. Manager – Global Breeding, Global Barley Research at AbInBev


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