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Computomics supports Safe Food for Infants in China and the EU (SAFFI)

Computomics supports Safe Food for Infants in China and the EU (SAFFI)

Computomics is partner of the SAFFI project (Horizon 2020 grant agreement No 861917), a joint initiative between China and the EU that aims at characterisation, detection, and mitigation of chemical and microbial hazards along the infant food chain.

The novelty of SAFFI is the development of an integrated approach to the issue of infant food safety. SAFFI Industrial partners guarantee highest safety standards, and put their strongest efforts into the project to jointly raise hazard surveillance to the next level.

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Computomics supports microbial pathogen detection and risk assessment

In the scope of developing a decision support system for producers and consumers, Computomics is involved in the microbial hazard detection and risk assessment. Our Software Morpheus contributes to 16S rRNA amplicon and WGS metagenomics analyses applying the DADA2 and DIAMOND+MEGAN pipelines, respectively.

Due to the advantage of our collaborative projects and together with leading scientists in the field of microbial analysis, we are extending our services continuously. We regularly implement new metagenomics analysis features, e.g. for pathogen detection and pathogen-driven microbiome analysis. 

If you’d like more information about our metagenomics engagement - e.g. in pharma or plant and soil microbial community analysis -, feel free to contact Sascha via e-mail.

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