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MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition

The world’s only interactive bioinformatics technology for functional and taxonomic whole genome shotgun metagenomics analysis and visualization.

Free trial of MEGAN6 UE

MEGAN Metagenomics Analysis Software allows visual and quantitative exploration of microbiomes on a desktop computer. Your data is simultaneously annotated for taxonomic and functional composition to a wide range of databases. MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition (MEGAN6 UE) contains many features beyond the MEGAN6 Community Edition, including an up-to-date version of the KEGG pathway database. MEGAN6 UE was developed by our co-founder Professor Daniel Huson.  Request a MEGAN6 UE 30-day trial license today!

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Comprehensive Functional Analysis

Includes an up-to-date version of KEGG, the most comprehensive biochemical pathway database. Harness the power of this database without having to perform additional analysis steps, right after importing your alignments.

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Accurate Taxonomic Classifications

Our award-winning weighted Lowest Common Ancestor (LCA) algorithm makes taxonomic classification more precise than any alternative approach.

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Reproducible Analysis Workflows

Intuitively develop scripts of your analysis workflows based on the commands displayed in the message window while performing your interactive analysis.

Interactive Metagenomics Made Easy

Understand Taxonomy and Function

Compare taxon abundance over the whole NCBI taxonomy tree, automatically recompute abundance data for the taxonomic rank of interest. Easily do the same for KEGG Pathways and individual pathway maps.

Compare and Manage Samples

The samples viewer is a powerful tool for managing your samples. Add study metadata like information treatment group or time point, subset your data or remove samples with ease. Use the metadata to sort or color your samples and perform comparisons with ease.

Build Reproducible Workflows

Make your analyses reproducible by building workflows that perform the same tasks for multiple studies. MEGAN also contains command-line tools to convert from and to other popular metagenomics file formats.

Increase Analysis Speed and Efficiency

MEGAN is designed to work with alignments generated by DIAMOND, the ultrafast DARPA challenge winning aligner that is up to 10,000x faster than BLAST. Import DIAMOND Alignment Archives (DAA) directly and efficiently without additional conversion steps. LCA

Create Powerful Visualizations with a Click

Visualizations are key in understanding your metagenomics project. MEGAN includes many powerful visualizations such as heat maps, radial space filling trees, co-occurence plots, attribute correlation plots, stacked bar charts, and word clouds.

Harness your Internal Databases

Improve the annotation of your metagenomes by adding your internal sequence databases and mapping files using the Ultimate Edition exclusive tools for database customization.

MEGAN6 Community Edition vs. Ultimate Edition

Download Links Community Edition Latest Version Ultimate Edition Latest Version
Databases, Ontologies, Resources Taxonomy (NCBI, GTDB)
Taxonomy (NCBI, GTDB)
KEGG (updated twice per year)
Plots: a few examples Bar
Word clouds
Word clouds
Radial space filling trees
Attribute correlation plot
True 3D PCoA viewer (MacOS and Windows only)
Parallel coordinates viewer
… Constantly adding new ones, submit your request
Command-Line Tools and Utilities Blast2RMA
DAA Meganizer
DAA Meganizer
NCBI taxonomy tools
InterPro2Go tools
eggNOG tools
KEGG tools
SEED tools
SILVA tools
Miscellaneous No scripting
Basic MEGAN server
Full scripting capability
Enhanced MEGAN Server with project and user management, and data download functionality
SQLite database export
Extensions Community-generated Latest KEGG classification and pathways (KEGG License included)
Computomics-provided Extensions (custom built)
Updates Occasional bug fixes
No new features
Regular bug fixes
All new features as they are added
Support MEGAN Community page MEGAN Community page
Email support
Questions answered by developers
Service and assistance packages available
Licensing GPL 3 Licensed by Computomics

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