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Metagenomics in Pharma - Easily generate insights from skin microbiome samples

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MORPHEUS was quick and easy to use and the included analysis apps delivered important insights into my study. All data processing was performed on the platform and we did not need to invest into additional hardware. I was able to download all data tables and integrate the results into our existing R workflows.
Senior Research Scientist, Large Pharmaceutical Company


Our customer wanted to identify differences between skin microbiomes from healthy individuals and those with Acne. They performed deep shotgun sequencing for a large number of samples and generated one terabyte of DNA sequencing data. This made data handling and analysis extremely challenging for them.


We used a combination of DIAMOND and MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition to annotate the sequence data against NCBI NR, the largest protein sequence database. Both technologies work together in a reproducible workflow on our metagenomics platform MORPHEUS. The platform then enabled the customer to perform interactive visualizations of the results including all taxonomic abundances on all NCBI ranks, KEGG functional annotation, Principal Coordinate Analysis, microbial diversity and many more.


MORPHEUS enabled the customer to focus on data analysis and interpretation instead of data handling and processing. The customer was able to identify bacteria and biochemical pathways associated with Acne and did not need to invest into any additional infrastructure.

Find out more about our metagenomics offerings MORPHEUS and MEGAN6 Ultimate Edition here.

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