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    Computomics’ next-generation sequencing data analysis techniques can deliver unprecedented genomic insight for your research. We offer a wide range of services including:

    Why work with computomics?

    • High quality results — Each project is well documented to ensure reproducibility and accuracy.
    • Multi-platform support —We work with our clients to develop the best sequencing strategy across multiple platforms, including Illumina, ONP, and PacBio.
    • Industry-leading expertise — Between our in-house bioinformatics experts and extensive collaboration network of consultants, we can tackle tough questions across all data analysis challenges.
    • Transparent processes — No mysteries to our data analysis, we present our strategy before we start and report all methods and parameters used.
    • Data security guaranteed — Our high performance compute servers located in a secure data center combined with encryption and two-factor authentication provide highly secure and private handling of your data.
    • Fast turnaround - Tired of the wait list at your sequencing facility? We deliver great results quickly.
  • Methods

    Here, we give references to relevant methods authored by Computomics team members and collaborators.

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  • Workflow of a Computomics project

    Computomics goes above and beyond to deliver unparalleled data analysis services. We work closely with you to identify your research goals, map out a strategy to achieve them, and define your deliverables. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

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    Data Generation

    Final Report & Presentation


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